Health Insurance

Health Insurance
With the increase in the average cost of hospitalisation in urban and rural India, investing in a health insurance policy has become crucial.
There are health insurance plans that go above and beyond everyday medical needs and Crust Corporate Health Insurance can be your one-stop solution.

Our health insurance plan also offers benefits such as:
  • Maternity cover
  • Out-of-pocket expense for medical bills and treatments that do not require hospitalisation
  • Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy3 treatments (Alternate Treatments)
  • Cashless hospitalisation in 4,000+ network hospitals4

With wide range of benefits, our health insurance plans provide a comprehensive protection not only for you, but for your entire family.

Group Health Insurance

Our health insurance plan comprehensively covers any medical contingency that you may face and provides a financial safety net. Getting the best health insurance for you or your family is smooth with Crust Corporate Health Insurance

Product features
  • Sum assured options of Rs 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 25 lakh
  • Premium starts at Rs 11 per day 1
  • Complete family cover in one plan (2 adults + 2 children)8
  • No medical test up to 55 years of age 5
  • Tax benefits under Section 80D of Income Tax Act10
  • 3-step complete online, paperless process
  • Cashless approvals within 4 hours9

What is Health Insurance?

A medical insurance policy insures the policyholder against medical expenses incurred due to accidental injuries or sickness. Good health insurance allows you to focus on your treatment and recovery instead of worrying about hospital bills.

You can choose from different medical insurance plans based on your age, occupation, medical history, income and lifestyle habits. Health insurance is not ‘one size fits all,’ hence, there are different types of health insurance to meet different policyholders’ needs. The different types of health insurances include individual health insurance plan, family cover, group cover, senior citizen health cover, insurance for critical illness, and top-up.

The innumerable health insurance benefits, regardless of the type of health insurance you choose, ensure that you are protected not only financially, but also mentally.


  • The customer can buy the policy for any family member(s) children and / or parents The+ insured should be above 3 (three) months in case of floater and 21(twenty one) years in case of individual. To cover children aged between 3 months to 20 years, the policy must also cover at least 1 adult
  • The Proposer needs to be aged above 21(twenty one) years
  • Individual(s) proposed for Insurance whose age is 55 years & above have to undergo medical tests at designated diagnostic centers
  • Customer has to be an Crust Corporate customer at time of purchase/renewal
  • Income Tax benefits u/s 80D can only be availed for policies bought for Self, Spouse, Parents and Dependent children.
  • Maximum family size allowed is 2 adults and 2 children


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Frequently Asked Questions

Health insurance offers financial protection to meet the expenses incurred due to hospitalisation or treatment of some disease. It is an understanding signed between the insurance company and the policyholder. The company or the insurer agrees to provide the sum insured or the coverage amount to the policyholder (the insured) for meeting the medical expenses. To get this benefit, the insured has to pay a certain amount of money in the form of premium. However, not all kinds of situations and cases are covered by health insurance. These are called exclusions. Let us understand health insurance in detail.

To get the financial protection under a health insurance plan, you need to annually pay certain amount of money in the form of premium. This can be called the cost of the insurance. Premium is an important aspect to be considered before finalising a plan. Always use the premium calculator available on the insurance company website or insurance web aggregators to know the premium amount. This helps to compare different plans and to gauge your affordability of buying the plan. Some of the factors taken into account while deciding the premium amount are:

  • Type of insurance plan: The premium for a health insurance plan depends on the type of plan chosen. It is different for a family floater and an individual plan
  • Nature of work of the applicant: The nature of your occupation goes on to decide the premium amount. If your nature of work is riskier, you will pay a higher premium amount. For instance, a truck driver’s job is riskier than that of a teacher. Thus, the driver will pay higher premium compared to the teacher
  • Age: For getting a health insurance plan, age is an important factor. Thus, it also decides the premium amount. Higher the age, higher the premium amount, as older people have higher chance of suffering from any illness
  • Current medical condition: Any medical history or rather the current medical situation of the person plays a vital role in deciding the premium amount. In case of any pre-existing illness, the premium might go up
  • Number of family members covered: For an individual health insurance plan, you get the coverage for more than one family member. Thus, the premium amount depends on the number of family members included in the plan
  • Policy term: The duration of the health insurance policy decides the premium amount. So, if the plan is for longer duration, premium amount will automatically increase

Health insurance companies offer a plethora of plans and policies to choose from as per your need and requirement. You should understand the coverage well before opting for a particular plan and policy. Let us look at some of the common points covered by different plans offered by health insurance companies.

Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses: This insurance pays for medical expenses incurred between 30 and 60 days before hospitalisation. These cover things like cost of medication and medical tests, etc. This is apart from the usual coverage like meeting the costs for hospitalisation of at least 24 hours, room rent, cost of surgery, etc. It also covers the medical expenses between 60 and 180 days after hospitalisation like that for medication, home treatment, etc.

Ambulance charge: Almost all health insurance plans cover the expenses related to ambulance service.

Day care charges: Some of the health insurance plans also cover the costs for treatments taken up without hospitalisation of up to 24 hours. These include cases like dialysis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Health check-ups: Some of the health insurance companies also cover the cost for preventive health check-ups.

In a particular policy year, if you have claimed all the sum insured and you need to file another claim the same year, the company will restore the sum insured. So you can claim the entire amount once again.

Terms and Conditions apply. The values shown are for representation purposes only. Actuals may differ.

*Rs 20 lakh cancer cover at Rs 105 p.m. - This premium rate is for a 25 year old healthy non-smoker male for a term of 20 years, monthly premium payment frequency and without any additional benefits and is inclusive of all taxes. Crust Corporate Heart/Cancer Protect annual premium for ₹20 Lakhs Cancer Sum Assured is ₹1,180 inclusive of taxes.

#The critical illness benefit is an accelerated benefit and the death benefit will be reduced by the critical illness cover paid to the policyholder. To know more about the illnesses covered, please refer to the sales brochure. This is only available in Life & Health and All in One options.

+This benefit is only available under Life Plus & All-in-one options

1Tax benefits of Rs. 54,600(Rs. 46,800 u/s 80C & Rs. 7,800 u/s 80D) is calculated at highest tax slab rate of 31.20%(including cess excluding surcharge as per old tax regime)on life insurance premium u/s 80C of Rs. 1,50,000 and health premium u/s 80D of Rs. 25,000. Tax benefits subject to conditions under Section 80C, 80D,10(10D), 115BAC and other provisions of the Income Tax Act,1961. Good and Service tax and Cesses, if any will be charged extra as per prevailing rates. Tax laws are subject to amendments made thereto from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for details, before acting on above

  • Medical expenses incurred as an inpatient during hospitalisation for more than 24 hours, including room charges / ICU charges, doctor/ surgeon's fee, medicines bills, etc
  • Medical expenses incurred, immediately, 30 days prior and 60 days post hospitalization
  • Day Care expenses incurred on named advanced technological surgeries and procedures requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalisation. (Including Dialysis, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy)
  • The minimum entry age starts from 6 years under individual policy and 3 months under a floater policy.

Master Policy Wordings for Sum Insured – Rs. 5 and 7 lakh

  • Get covered for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment while you are hospitalised3
  • Get cashless approvals in 4 hours9
  • Enjoy tax deduction benefits on the premium amount paid for yourself, parents above 60 years, spouse and dependent children under Section 80D of Income Tax Act11
  • Secure wellness, health and maternity expenses
  • Add-on cover for Outpatient Treatment, Wellness and Preventive Healthcare and Maternity Benefit
  • No medical test up to age of 55, if no pre-existing disease declared5