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How crustcorporate built one of India’s most popular financial consumer brands

CRUST Corporate Services Private Ltd (CCSPL) is India's most trusted Financial services and consulting company. We enable our clients to create and execute strategies for their financial transformation. We help our clients find the right problems and suggest / recommend them to overcome these effectively. Our team of innovators, across the country , is differentiated by the knowledge and experience, across banking industry and technologies, that we bring to every product we undertake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMI refers to the ‘Equated Monthly Installment’ . It is the amount you will pay to us on a specific date each month till the loan is repaid in full. The EMI comprises of the principal and interest components which are structured in a way that in the initial years of your loan, the interest component is much larger than the principal component, while towards the latter half of the loan, the principal component is much larger.

Transferring your outstanding home loan availed from another Bank / Financial Institution to HDFC is known as a balance transfer loan.

Any borrower who has an existing home loan with another bank/HFI in which he/she have had a regular payment track of 12 months ,can avail a balance transfer loan from HDFC.

Yes. You are eligible for tax benefits on the principal and interest components of your balance transfer loan under the Income Tax Act, 1961. As the benefits could vary each year, please do check with our Loan Counselor about the tax benefits which you could avail on your loan.

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